About Us

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The Twelve Oaks™ Story

Why become yet another flooring distributor in Canada when we are decades late entering the game? Why attempt to reinvent the wheel in the flooring trade — a mature industry dominated by big players? And why didn’t we get a warmer coat before moving here?

A decade since we entered the flooring business, we have come to realize that we work not to find those answers, but to build it. We didn’t know what Twelve Oaks™ would one day become, but we did know what was considered good in the industry was not good enough. Hardwood flooring was a luxury beyond many people’s budget. Too many laminate and vinyl floors had environmental and health safety concerns. We want to change it, all of it — because we care. We cared enough to look around the world to bring home luxury craftsmanship at livable prices. We believe everyone should enjoy a quality floor with a peace of mind. This is why all of Twelve Oaks™ products have passed the stringent formaldehyde emission and sustainable harvesting standards — Floorscore and/or CARB-II certifications. We work hard to make your savings more exceptional.

A thousand stores across Canada have partnered with Twelve Oaks™ to reinvigorate the meaning of value in the flooring trade. Our wide selection of products – engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, luxury vinyl, and laminate floors all bare the stamp of approval from our satisfied consumers. We invite you to become a part of the Twelve Oaks™ story – because your value is our promise.

“We want to change it, all of it — because we care”