Gemtec Masterpiece

American Black Walnut Rivera

Regions Available In:

Technical Details


Dimensions 3/4" x 7-5/8” x 24″-71″ R.L.

Dark Brown


American Black Walnut


Eastern Canada


Tongue and Groove

Sf. per box



15.5-27°C (60-80°F)

Relative Humidity

25%-65% with 20% Annual Swing


Micro V-Beveled Edge


Glue Down, Nail Down

Color Variation


How to Choose?

  1. What is GEMTEC Masterpiece?

First, it is a work of art with its stunning, authentic hardwood veneer; long, wide boards; and contemporary colour palette. Second, it offers peace of mind with waterproofing and easy to clean surfaces; eco-friendly, and child- & pet-friendly materials; radiant-heat compatibility; and incredibly durable wood core. From every perspective, it is a true Masterpiece.

Made for life in Canada, Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece is the Next Generation Hardwood developed by Twelve Oaks. It brings innovative flooring technology, and the remarkable beauty and ambiance it creates, to your home.

  1. What is its competitive advantage?

It is waterproof unlike any other hardwood flooring, it is also more stable, durable made from eco-friendly materials, and lastly let’s not forget the top-notch aesthetics!

  1. What is the difference between GEMTEC Masterpiece and other hardwood products?

It is waterproof and more durable than any other hardwood flooring on the market.

How to Install?

  1. What’s the installation method for GEMTEC Masterpiece?

It can be installed via glue down, nail down or floating method, please refer to its specific installation instruction.

How to Maintain & Clean?

  1. How do you clean TwelveOaks GEMTEC Masterpiece?

Regular sweeping or vacuuming is suggested, we also suggest the Bona Hard Surface Cleaner.

  1. Which product can you use to clean TwelveOaks GEMTEC Masterpiece?

Bona Hard Surface Cleaner

  1. Is it Waterproof?

Yes! But we do suggest you wipe up any spillage as soon as possible to avoid subfloor damage.

Warranty & Repair

  1. What is the warranty on TwelveOaks GEMTEC Masterpiece?

Gemtec Masterpiece offers the best warranty on the flooring market.

We extend Lifetime residential and 10-year commercial warranty on this collection with 3-Season Homes and Radiant-Hear Warranty (Conditions apply). Please click here for the complete warranty guideline.