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White Oak - Natural Elements

Antique Perspective Plus

ENG262 White Oak Natural Elements
ENG262 White Oak Natural Element

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Application Builders/Commercial, Dream Living, High Rise
Profile Tongue and Groove
Color Name Natural Elements
Collection Antique Perspective Plus
Floor Type Engineered Hardwood
Species White Oak
Width 6.5"
Thickness 1/2″
Length Assorted Lengths (16″ – 75″)
Sf. per box 27
Temperature 18-27 C (65-80 F)
Relative Humidity 35-55%

Install below, on or above grade. See Installation Instruction for more detail

Warranty 35-Yr Residential and 5-Yr Light Commercial Warranty

FloorScore certified and CARB Phase II compliant


Use Twelve Oaks All-In-One underlayment. Click on Installation Instructions for more detail.

Moulding Color-coordinated T-Moulding, Reducer, and Stair Nosing are available


The Look Wirebrushed
Sheen Low High
Color Variation Low High
Edge Micro V-beveled edge

Install & Maintenance

Additional Information:

Installed below, on or above grade. Nailed down or glued down. Download Installation Instruction and Care/Maintenance Guide below.

Install Manual Download: Click to download file.
Care Manual Download: Click to download file.

Technical Data

Additional Information:

For details regarding technical specifications and packaging information, please download a copy of our Technical Spec Sheet.

File Download: Click to download file.


Additional Information:

Antique Perspective Engineered Hardwood Collection is FloorScore certified and CARB Phase II compliant. See proofs of certification below.

File Download: Click to download file.


Additional Information:

Twelve Oaks extends a 35-Year Residential Warranty and a 5-Year Light Commercial Warranty to our Antique Perspective Engineered Collection. Download a copy of the Warranty for more detail.

File Download: Click to download file.


What is the difference between solid and engineered hardwood flooring?

Few can dispute the warmth and luxury feeling that only a hardwood floor can bring. Both solid and engineered hardwood floors are made from 100% wood, but the two are structurally different. The solid hardwood floor plank comes as one piece of lumber, usually ¾” thick. Engineered floor planks are constructed by laminating multiple layers of plywood together, topped with a solid hardwood veneer that is as thick as 4mm. The multi-layer core runs in opposite directions in alternating layers, making engineered hardwood the more structurally sound choice for any harsh and constantly changing weather.

View products: Engineered Hardwood

What’s unique about Twelve Oaks® hardwood flooring?

Twelve Oaks® carries 8 species of domestic and exotic hardwood in over 60 unique choices, with smooth or distressed finishes. All of our hardwood floors are manufactured to meet the most stringent environmental and health safety standards. To exemplify this, most of our Twelve Oaks™ engineered hardwood flooring products are FloorScore and CARB-II certified.

Click on the Environmental tab on each product page to view our certifications. Please call us at 1-855-212-OAKS (6257) if you have any questions.

I have kids and pets, should I install hardwood floors?

We have put a lot of efforts into making our hardwood flooring products durable and safe for you. Twelve Oaks® mascot, a young and exuberant chocolate Labrador Retriever, can attest to the durability of our finishes. But bear in mind, all hardwood floors will inevitably be prone to show the wear from traffic over time. By comparison, luxury vinyl and laminate floors are better suited for high traffic spaces.

I see Temperature and Relative Humidity in my warranty. Why are they important to know?

Ambient conditions such as temperature and relative humidity need to be maintained at specified levels in order for your Twelve Oaks® floors to perform optimally. For hardwood floors, we require that the relative humidity level be consistently kept between 35% and 55%, and room temperature kept at 65-80ºF (18-27ºC). These ambient conditions are specified in the Engineered Hardwood Installation Instructions and need to be maintained for the life of the hardwood floor. Place several thermometer and hygrometers where flooring products are installed for easy monitoring.

To learn more, read our Blogs on How-To tips

Will my hardwood floor have color variations?

Yes. Part of the appeal of an authentic hardwood floor is its natural variations of color, texture, characters, and grains. Depending on the raw material’s grading, species, and its ability to absorb stain, the end product can have varying degrees of color variations. For the best visual effect, shuffle planks from several cartons and do not install boards that vary greatly in colour next to one another. We do our best to give consumers a true representation of the end product through sample boards in showrooms, but it is not always possible. View room scenes and product detail on Product page before purchasing.

Where can my hardwood flooring be installed?

Solid hardwood floors can be installed on and above grade, not below grade. Engineered floors can be installed on, above or below grade, as well as in high rise buildings. Regardless where the hardwood floor is installed, for optimal performance, the ambient condition requirements must be met at all times. For more information, refer to the Install and Maintenance tab on each product’s page.

Will the color of my hardwood floor change overtime? Is it normal? What should I do?

Gradual color change is completely normal for a hardwood floor. Much like any natural wood, your hardwood will change color after being exposed to oxidation and lights. Most people find the natural patina of a gracefully aged floor quite appealing. The key thing to remember is this process should be gradual and even. Any intense exposure to natural and/or artificial lights will accelerate the color changing process, and may result in uneven patches of discoloration. To avoid such problem, limit exposure to direct light sources, and move area rugs/furniture around to ensure a more even color change.

Can my hardwood floor be installed over radiant heat?

Twelve Oaks® engineered hardwood floors can be installed over radiant heating system, but seasonal gapping should be expected. No solid hardwood floors should be installed over radiant heat. Before attempting to install, it is mandatory that the installation instructions be read and carefully followed. Failure to do so will void your warranty. Download Engineered Hardwood Installation Instructions here.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-855-212-OAKS (6257), or email us at

How should I clean my hardwood floor?

Twelve Oaks® takes every effort to make our floor a “minimal maintenance” floor. With the advanced aluminum oxide enhanced finish, routine vacuuming or sweeping is usually sufficient to keep the floor clean. Never wash your hardwood floors with liquid, and wipe up spills immediately, using a dry cloth to thoroughly dry and clean the affected area.

Warm water mixed with white vinegar is a popular cleaning recipe that many people swear by. Though we can appreciate your going-green and cost-saving efforts, we do caution you against using home-made solutions, because it is difficult to control the concentration of these concoctions. Any vinegar, ammonia-based products, floor wax, oil or soap-based detergents can damage the floor finish and leave a dull and greasy residue behind.

Always follow our Care and Maintenance Guide to keep your hardwood floor looking its best.

Can my hardwood floor be sanded and refinished if it gets scratched, dented, or damaged?

Technically, all of our solid hardwood floors and any engineered hardwood floors with “wear layer” of 4mm or more can be sanded, if necessary. However, refinishing any surface will void your warranty. Many of Twelve Oaks® hardwood floor have hand-scraped and/or wire-brushed finishes. These finishes not only add depths and characters to the look, but also are designed to make scratches/dents less apparent. If you were to sand/refinish, these surface characters will disappear and will be extremely costly and difficult to recreate them. Also, consider the harmful chemical fumes, the mess, and the costs associated with sanding and refinishing. If scratches and dents are big concerns to you, consider Twelve Oaks® laminate or luxury vinyl flooring.

How is a prefinished wood floor different from site-finished ones? Which method is better?

All of Twelve Oaks® hardwood floors are prefinished with multiple layers of UV cured polyurethane topcoats that are made to last. We warrant up to 35 years on the finishing and structural integrity of our products to be free of manufacturing defects.

On site finished floors, though highly customized, are often times not very practical. Aside from the potentially hazardous chemical fumes, the mess, the exorbitant long wait time; it requires a much higher level of expertise to do a great on site job. It also has a much limited warranty. If you need more information to help you make an informed decision, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-855-212-OAKS (6257) or email us at

Why do the planks come in different dimensions (widths and thickness)? Does it make a difference in its quality?

Twelve Oaks™ hardwood floors come in a variety of dimensions and joint profiles, but you can be assured that they all are of great quality. Most engineered hardwood plank comes in thicknesses of ½”, ¾”, or ⅝”. Different thicknesses are intended for different application. For instance, Twelve Oaks® Lake Ontario Engineered flooring is ¾” thick, the same thickness as most existing solid hardwood floors. Thus creating a seamless transition, and eliminate the need for transition mouldings.

Width of our hardwood planks comes in traditional 3½”, wide 5”, ultra-wide 6”, or luxuriously wide 7” or more. Wider planks are all the rage right now, but may not be for every application. Browse through our Blogs and Product pages for more design inspirations.

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