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Gemtec Hardwood Creation Flooring is the ultimate portrait of a beautiful floor.

Gemtec Hardwood Creation - The Future of Flooring

In a world that's constantly evolving, where design trends and technology advance at an unprecedented pace, we believe in staying at the forefront of innovation. Gemtec has always been about pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities of flooring solutions.

We’re embracing the present and forging a path into the future of flooring. With luxurious wider and longer boards, Gemtec Creations is more durable and stable than regular engineered flooring with beautiful Premium Grade American White Oak colour selections. With 360° water protection, eco-friendly, child- & pet-friendly materials and a superior wood core, the Future of Flooring has arrived. Developed by Twelve Oaks, Gemtec Hardwood Creations is the next frontier in flooring – made for life and the perfect “creation” for your home.

Work of art.

Preferred by Designers

  • Beautiful range of colours
  • Available in the most popular specie, including American White Oak

The Look of Luxury

  • Premium Grade wood for a high-end and clean aesthetic
  • Luxuriously longer and wider boards 9-1/16" x 86-5/8" R.L.
  • 95% full length boards

Enduring Quality

  • Higher density than other engineered hardwood flooring
  • Next Generation Technology makes it tough, yet visually appealing

Beautifies Any Space

  • It fits any room and its lightly brushed matte finish hides wear and tear
  • Durable with scratch and stain resistant features

Peace of mind.

360° Water Protection

  • 72-hour spill protection
  • Easiest hardwood floor to clean and maintain

Structural Stability for Heated Floors

  • Install it over electric and hydronic radiant-heat systems
  • Structurally stable under extreme temperature and moisture fluctuations

Eco-friendly &s; Family-Safe

  • Sustainably-sourced
  • Zero formaldehyde makes it the safest choice for kids and pets

Lifetime Warranty Protection

  • Lifetime residential and 10-year commercial warranty
  • 3 Season homes and radiant-heat warranty (conditions apply)

Next Generation Technology

Creation hardwood performs under extreme conditions, including high traffic,
and extreme temperatures.

The Next Generation Hardwood

Attractive. Durable. Guaranteed. The Ultimate Portrait of a Beautiful Floor

Hardwood features Gemtec hardwood creation Gemtec hardwood creation Gemtec hardwood creation
Aesthetics 5/5 4/5 3/5
Water repellent 5/5 3/5 2/5
Durability 5/5 3/5 3/5
Stability 5/5 4/5 3/5
ECO-friendly 5/5 3/5 4/5