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The Twelve Oaks Story

It’s about family.

Why is family so important to the Twelve Oaks story? First, while we are a leading North American designer and manufacturer of top quality flooring products with facilities, sales offices and a workforce across Canada and the USA, we’ve remained family owned and operated since we began operations over 20 years ago.


Our Founders

Our founders, Trevor and Aileen, chose to put down roots in Canada for the opportunities it offered their family and their business. And they used their deeply held family values as a guiding light for the new venture.

Our People

We’re proud of our teams, many of whom have been part our working family for a long time. They help us live up to the inspiration of our name, and shape our company spirit and corporate culture. They do so by setting an excellent example in their approach to their work and dedication to meeting our clients’ needs.

Our Products

What sets our products apart from the rest? We listen. We listen to our customers. We listen to the problems they have, and we listen to their vision of the perfect solution. In that way, our product development is customer-driven to meet their needs for quality, aesthetics, features, durability, warranty and price.

We Give Back

Our involvement in the local community includes donations and fundraising efforts to support local charities and organizations, including the Mackenzie Health Foundation in their support of our frontline healthcare workers and their families.

Our Name

Inspired by the novel “Gone With the Wind”, the Twelve Oaks name also reflects our family and corporate values. Twelve Oaks is the Wilkes family home, signified by 12 oak trees circling the entrance. At the end of the movie, most things have perished in the Civil War, but those 12 oak trees are still standing.

We believe the name symbolizes the power of the human will and tenacity to persevere in the face of adversity, to pull together to reach their goals—and that reflects our brand and corporate culture.

A Local Company - A Global Perspective

Of course, as it is with every family, our home is very important. We take every opportunity to buy locally and support the economies in which our customers live and work. In addition to ensuring that our customers enjoy the widest selection, the highest quality and the best value, we search the globe for sustainably-produced flooring materials and products.

Company Values Putting it All to
Work for You

Our company values are are based on the family values we hold so closely.

We offer the same wide range of innovative, contemporary flooring products that we would like to choose from.

We build them to the same high standards of quality and durability that we want in our homes and workplaces.

And we make them environmentally-friendly and test them so they are safe and healthy for our children to play on—and, when the time comes, for their children to play on too.

Your Value

Would you want flooring for your home or workplace that is designed and built any other way?

In-house Flooring Design and Development Teams

They bring you the latest innovations and design trends.

Ethically-Sourced, Responsibly-Managed Wood Species

From here at home and from around the world, each plank carefully chosen for its flawless beauty.

Skillfully Crafted Products

To suit your tastes and décor at home, the cottage, your office, retail spaces, and more.

Assured Quality

It’s the hallmark of every piece of flooring we make for you.

Smart Pricing

It’s something else we do for family—offer the best possible price.

Our Promise

Values are strongest when they are demonstrated in everything we do as a business.

Product Safety & Quality

Imported products are FloorScore® certified for indoor air quality and to qualify for many green building schemes including LEED v4, BREEAM, and CHPS

Engineered hardwood products are also CARB Phase II compliant and EPA 40 C.F.R. 770 compliant to eliminate any danger from formaldehyde emissions

Stringent in-house testing for scratch resistance, water resilience and temperature tolerance, and random VOC testing to assure indoor air quality.

Warranty Protection

While our products go through extensive, ongoing testing and they are built for remarkable durability, we can only prove it by protecting your investment with one of the best warranties in the business.

Exceptional Customer Service

When you choose our flooring products, we stay with you every step of the way. it starts with our 24-hour response time and our 90% average fill rate. Contact us 24/7 by phone, email and/or social media to get answers, technical specifications, installation help, or just advice on the best colour for your floors.

Testimonials What our customers say

Absolutely love their product. Waterproof, scratch-resistant, heatable, and beautiful. If you have pets or little ones at home, or simply looking for an alternative to hardwood and laminate, this product is hands down the best on the market. A Canadian company that’s responsive and supportive of your flooring needs.

Product: SureWood Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)
Colour: Country Chalet

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