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Care and Maintenance

All about Humidity

November 4, 2015 Published by Leave a comment

Humidification is a popular buzz word, especially this time of the year when we are in the height of the home heating season. Keeping a home properly humidified is critical for many reason, but especially to keep your new floor, whether laminate, engineered solid or wood solid, protected from damage associated with excessively dry conditions…. Read More

Is this a Moisture related problem?

September 4, 2015 Published by Leave a comment

Moisture and humidity are archenemies of flooring, especially hardwood flooring. To learn how to properly advise our end-users, we’ve asked Drew Kern, a NWFA certified flooring inspector to share his views on this matter. Drew advised that many times after getting involved in a claim I hear that a dealer, installer or service rep has… Read More